September 11, 2013

on our table....

m: lasagna with tomato and green bean salad on the side (leftovers from the weekend)
t: mashed potatoes and celery with smoked fried bacon and onions on top and pickeled beets on the side
w: dinner was combined with a shopping project, i.e. dinner was ikea meatballs, no photo as I forgot...
t: open sandwiches with fish, here fish cakes and smoked mackerel
f: traditional danish meatballs (frikadeller) with a salad of grated carrots, raisins and roasted, salted pumpkin seeds on the side with a balsamico glace
s: lentil soup with fried fennel and chorizo sausage
s: meatballs in coconut-currysauce with raisins, peanuts and mango-chutney on top

this week has been beyond busy, so we have had quite a few quick and simple dinners. it makes me so happy when we manage to have dinner together even though life is super busy. some tricks we use to manage this, is to cook enough for two days as we did with the lasagna (monday was leftovers from the weekend), cook something simple so we don't need to go shopping as we did on tuesday (mash & bacon), cook for both dinner and the freezer, as we did on saturday, and finally leave the more complicated and/or time-consuming cooking for days with time for this, often this is in the weekends for us.

a busy week in combination with a three-year-old and a baby is a bit of a puzzle... and I really want dinner to be a nice moment we can enjoy together. I truly enjoy to cook, however, these days I've realized that quick and simple cooking often is what works best for us. sometimes this means bread for dinner and sometimes we opt for a simple salad as the side dish. at least at our place timing is very important for the dinner to be a success, if cooking dinner takes too long, we end up with tired children who doesn't eat much, whereas if we have dinner before they are too tired, they eat and have a good time...

ps. take a look at the dinner project over at "jeg er jonathan", this was what got me started....

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