September 17, 2013

turning three...

this past weekend we had a pirate birthday party with veggie squid and sausage treasure chests. we also had canon (meat)balls, but they never made it on camera... how I love that sometimes it is just more than okay to go all in on cake decoration. as the party was a pirate party, the cake was a treasure island... it was very well recieved! underneath all the decoration was a simple carrot cake, inspired by this recipe with a lemon and cream cheese frosting. I did make a few changes to the carrot muffins, I reduced the sugar to 150 g (75g muscovado sugar and 75g cane sugar), and finally I made one large cake rather than muffins (be aware that it needs a bit longer baking time in the owen)... the cake turned out perfect, moist and tasty... I really like this combination of cinnamon and muscovado sugar.


  1. Hvor ser det bare lækkert ud, specielt kagen må have været et kæmpe hit, håber han havde en rigtig dejlig dag :-)