August 17, 2013

banana - blueberry morning...

part of todays breakfast
with two small children we are usually up at the very crack of dawn and today was no exception... in the weekends this means that we have extremely good time for having a nice slow breakfast, something we all enjoy. right now it is the season for Norwegian blueberries, and as we all were out picking (and eating) some last weekend, this morning called for banana - blueberry smoothies as part of our breakfast. I like to be able to, in such a simple way, to demonstrate to our three-year-old that the origin of food isn't the grocery store...
today  I used two frozen bananas, 100 g of blueberries (also from the freezer), a little vanilla and some natural yoghurt, gave everything a good blending, and it was done!
when I have very ripe bananas I won't get to use I cut them up in chunks and put them in the freezer, I find this a great way to reduce food waste and at the same time I often have bananas for smoothies at hand. as a bonus the smoothie is both creamy and ice-cold.

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