August 21, 2013

if a dinner can be an urban legend...

this* could be it... it is a very simple dinner made out of minced beef, garlic, curry (I like to use red curry paste, but ordinary curry powder can do), grated carrots, finely sliced leeks, salt and pepper. it is served with (brown) rice, and yoghurt and mango chutney on top... to be honest it is the topping that makes the dish, so don't skip this. since I made this for the first time, about three years ago, it has been a regular in my kitchen... it is a great combination of taste and textures and can be done in the time it takes to boil the rice (i.e. about 20 min. if you don't go for brown rice).

* in Denmark this dish is known as "Skramsgaderetten", i.e. it is named after a street that is named after naval hero Peder Skram.

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