August 15, 2013

when we are out of time...

ingredients for a very simple dinner
dinner is served
some days we run out of time and life can be a bit camp chaos... on days like this I like to draw on well known classics (at least in my book). this version of pasta, ketchup and sausage has followed me from my childhood till this day, granted, I've upgraded the ingredients a bit, which to me makes a huge difference... for this version I used whole grain spaghetti, good ketchup, really good sausages (these are with a bit of wild garlic) and a little splash of olive oil. 
Spaghetti is boiled in salted water, sausages are cut and fried, ketchup is added to the sausages and given a quick boil while stirring and finally the spaghetti is added and tossed around. serve with a few kalamata olives and/or grated parmesan... 

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