August 15, 2013

fish in a wok

fish in a wok

one of our all time favorites is fish in a wok... it is a very good opportunity to use up any left over vegetables from the fridge, it takes almost no time to prepare and depending what you use, you can dress it up or down as you please (and last but not least, it can be prepared in advance).

in this version I used a bit of salmon, pollack, black tiger scrimps, yellow and red bell pepper, red onion, spring onion, sugar snaps, squash and broccoli. everything is cut into appropriate bites, mixed in a large bowl with oil (usually I use either a mild olive oil or canola oil), lemongrass and lemon-pepper to your taste. at this stage it can be left in the fridge for some hours, or from morning to evening. a few minutes before serving everything is fried in a very hot wok using a bit of oil, salt is added to your taste (alternatively you can add a bit of fish sauce or soy). I like to serve this with a bit of whole grain noodles.

variations that I can recommend is to try out scallops or lumpfish, adding a bit of mustard seeds, or maybe go with white fish, scallops, spinach, squash, tomatoes and a pinch of chili to replace the lemongrass and lemon-pepper.

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